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With liberty and justice for all.
Check the rhyme ->
Pissganggg and Supasperm all day.

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*pops out the shadows* Shoutout and Happy Fathers Day to my darling Kareem Leon Woods. You’re the best daddy Kadence could ever need. Also shoutout to my nicca Supasperm, Happy Fathers Day!! I miss everybody 😫😫😫 *MJ spins into dust and floats away in the wind*
I’m dyingggg.

I’m dyingggg.

Yogaaaaaa studio flow. Mommy time!
I’m so damn proud of my husband.
Briana tried it lol.
RT Best feeling is knowing that everything you doing and going through will pay off in the end.

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Me x Tamia
RT no he can’t even rap RT Yes. You stan for my husband RT yoo i remember when Tyga was my favorite rapper

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I hate Ant too lol.
Use yo eyes. They ain’t supposed to just be hazel ;_;
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